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Olive oil

Cosmetics and hygiene based on natural extracts

Antioxidant activity phenolic compounds of leaves and olive fruit possess a potent free radical scavenging activity which has been found in several studies to protect the integrity of skin and hair from oxidative processes.

Anti-inflammatory activity is highly advisable when formulating cosmetic products with anti-irritant activity.

Anti-microbial activity to germs is recommended when formulating cosmetic products with purifying and antiseptic activity.

Restorative and moisturizing activity of the skin thanks to its content in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. The topical application of vitamin E has a moisturizing and skin softening effect is recommended when formulating cosmetic products with moisturizing activity and Softening of the skin.

It has application as an emollient and softener in dry and aged skin, as a soothing agent, in hair conditioners, in preparations for sensitive skin creams to heal wounds, burns, dermatosis and stretch marks, to reaffirm the breast and as an anti-inflammatory.

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