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Lixoné tips

LIXONÉ, cosmetics and personal hygiene based on natural extracts

Achieving healthy skin is simple by following these guidelines daily:

  1. Remove makeup, fat and impurities from the skin, with LIXONÉ soap that fits your skin type.
  2. Spray the face with our LIXONÉ rose petal tonic to revive and refresh the complexion.
  3. Finally, apply the LIXONÉ facial cream that best fits your skin. Remember that day creams provide moisturizing and those at night help in the regeneration of the skin.

To remove excess skin glitter and keep acne at bay, we recommend using either the Dead sea mud soap, sulfur soap or clay soap LIXONÉ, which will help remove the remains of fat from the skin, respecting its balance.

Then tonify and refresh the skin with the rose petal tonic LIXONÉ.

Aloe vera in addition to deeply moisturizing the skin acts in the regulation of the sebaceous glands.

Therefore, we recommend applying during the day the aloe vera day cream to protect and moisturize the skin and aloe vera body gel LIXONÉ at night.

Hair loss can respond to hereditary, hormonal, nutritional, circulatory, stress, seborrhea, infections or toxic substances. The priority is to make a good diagnosis to slow down or slow down the process in the best way.

The most effective is to influence the quality of the hair so that it is more resistant to the fall: increasing the blood supply and the nutrient supply.

We advise massaging the scalp regularly with medicinal plant preparations such as the multi-herbal treatment LIXONÉ and ensure that vitamins, minerals and trace elements (iron, calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc) are not lacking in the diet.

To maintain a nice and healthy hair it is best to use shampoos suitable for each type of hair and need, which clean and nourish the hair without attacking it.

Shampoos made with plants, clay and other natural products that respect the pH of the scalp such as the LIXONÉ chamclos.

Hair is subjected to external factors such as sun, dyes, chlorine, dryers, etc. Which devitalize and dry out, breaking the tips, losing brilliance and elasticity.

To prevent these effects it is recommended to apply the hair mask LIXONÉ that best suits the particular type of hair, this way the hair will remain strong, elastic and healthy.

Stretch marks form due to the tearing of the connective tissue when the skin loses elasticity. They usually appear in adolescence or pregnancy.

As a precaution, in case of pregnancy or to improve recent stretch marks it is advisable to use the daily sweet almond oil LIXONÉ, 100% natural unadulterated free of preservatives, dyes or perfumes.

So is. The accumulation of impurities originates throughout the body, not just the face. Tissues, tight clothing, sweat … cause occlusion of the pores and the appearance of small granites. Therefore it is necessary to exfoliate the skin at least once a week.

For this we recommend the soft exfoliating soap with LIXONÉ oat bran and the granites will disappear. After exfoliation it is important to hydrate yourself. We recommend the use of LIXONÉ body milk that best suits each type of skin.

Hands are one of the parts of our body most exposed to external aggression, dirt, dust, detergents, etc. It is therefore very important to moisturize and care for them.

The hand cream LIXONÉ not only nourishes and hydrates the skin but also is easily absorbed so you can continue with your rhythm of life, wherever you are.

Aloe vera has moisturizing, soothing, calming, healing, refreshing and protective properties, quickly regenerating the natural state of the skin and scalp.

It is a great ally in the case of burns, after shaving, in case of acne, small wounds or stings, after epilation… In these cases we advise the use of the body aloe vera gel LIXONÉ.El aloe vera posee propiedades hidratantes, suavizantes, calmantes, cicatrizantes, refrescantes y protectoras, regenerando rápidamente el estado natural de la piel y el cuero cabelludo.

Es un gran aliado en caso de quemaduras, para después del afeitado, en caso de acné, de pequeñas heridas o picaduras, para después de la depilación… En estos casos aconsejamos el uso del body gel de aloe vera LIXONÉ.

In order to gently remove hardened and callused parts we recommend exfoliating the feet at least 3 times a week with our anti-hardness soap with LIXONÉ pumice stone. To finish, apply the foot cream of refreshing olive oil.

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