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Natural cosmetics since 1986

“Natural” cosmetics are those that include a greater proportion of natural elements in their formulation, such as ours.

Only in exceptional cases, such as Face Mask and Body Moisturizing Shea Butter (beeswax) for its softening or protective properties, and in the Aloe Vera Bath and Shower Gel (wool wax) that protects the skin of the skin. Loss of moisture.

To preserve the safety of the consumer and the quality of some products, we use preservatives without parabens, similar to those found in nature (as in the essential oil of the jasmine flower).

Yes. Once opened, it must be avoided: expose it directly to light and extreme temperatures, close the product properly after use and keep the product outlet opening clean, to preserve its properties intact.

The expiration date of our products once opened is 12 months.

For those people who have a special sensitivity (irritations and allergies), we have developed the following products without perfume: Propolis Soap and Royal Jelly Night Cream and Marigold.

We do not test our products on animals, neither during development nor in production. Our business philosophy is based on the highest respect for nature: people, animals and the environment.

Yes. We use PET and PE / PP, the most environmentally friendly plastics on the market. We are also part of the Packaging Waste Management System, identifying our packaging with PUNTO VERDE.

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