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Payment methods

How do I pay my purchases?

There are two ways of payment: Transfer and Card (Visa or Mastercard).


Transfer or bank deposit,, paying the total amount of the order on the account number which will be indicated at the end of your purchase.

It is very important that in the field, sender or originator indicate the reference of the order we will inform you to finalize your purchase.

It has a period of 4 days to order the transfer after the completion of your order. Once we receive our Bank income confirmation proceed to activate your order. Since ordering the transfer until we receive the notification it is normal to pass between 48 and 72 hours, so you must take into account this aspect when calculating when it will receive your package.

If you wish, you can send us proof of the transfer by e-mail But in any case, shall not be deemed effective the order until our Department of Administration has been Bank confirmation of the transfer. bancaria de la transferencia.

Credit card

To formalize the order and pay the corresponding amount, is a totally secure redirection to the gateway financial institution contracted. Banking data is always transferred directly to the Bank (Lixoné does not intervene in this process) through gateways and firewalls. After the purchase in the financial institution will be page.

Customer shall notify the Lixoné team any improper or fraudulent charges on the card used for shopping, by email or by telephone, in the shortest possible time so Lixoné team can make the appropriate arrangements.

Por compras superiores a 60€ (IVA aparte), envío gratuito y aceite de Argán de regalo